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Awakening the Divine Within: The Journey of Sacred Secretion

Updated: Apr 11

The term "sacred secretion" typically refers to a belief or concept within certain spiritual or esoteric traditions, particularly in some branches of mysticism and occultism. It's often associated with the idea that there is a sacred or divine substance within the human body that can be activated, harnessed, or elevated through various practices such as meditation, spiritual discipline, or specific rituals.

In some interpretations, this "sacred secretion" is thought to be a physical substance, often linked to the endocrine system or glands such as the pineal gland or the pituitary gland. Proponents of this belief sometimes suggest that through certain techniques or practices, individuals can stimulate the secretion or activation of this substance, leading to enhanced spiritual experiences, enlightenment, or even physical rejuvenation.

The concept of the sacred secretion has been discussed in various spiritual and mystical traditions throughout history, including aspects of ancient Egyptian, Greek, Hindu, and esoteric Christian teachings. However, it's important to note that perspectives on this concept can vary widely among different belief systems and practitioners, and scientific evidence supporting the existence or effects of such a substance is generally lacking.

In contemporary contexts, discussions about the sacred secretion can often be found within alternative spirituality communities, New Age movements, or esoteric literature, where it may be explored alongside other concepts related to consciousness, energy work, and holistic health practices.

The idea of "raising the sacred secretion" is associated with spiritual or mystical practices aimed at elevating consciousness, achieving enlightenment, or experiencing profound spiritual states. However, it's important to clarify that perspectives on what exactly this entails and its effects can vary widely among different belief systems and spiritual traditions.

Here are some general concepts and beliefs associated with raising the sacred secretion:

  1. Heightened Consciousness: Proponents suggest that raising the sacred secretion can lead to heightened states of awareness, expanded consciousness, and deeper spiritual insight. This may involve experiencing a greater sense of interconnectedness with the universe or achieving a profound sense of inner peace and clarity.

  2. Spiritual Awakening: Some individuals believe that raising the sacred secretion is a key aspect of spiritual awakening or enlightenment. They may assert that it leads to a fundamental shift in perception, a dissolution of ego boundaries, and a direct experience of the divine or transcendent.

  3. Physical and Mental Well-being: In some interpretations, raising the sacred secretion is thought to have positive effects on physical and mental health. This may include increased vitality, improved immune function, enhanced cognitive abilities, and a greater sense of overall well-being.

  4. Activation of Psychic Abilities: Certain traditions suggest that raising the sacred secretion can awaken latent psychic or intuitive abilities. This might involve heightened intuition, clairvoyance, telepathy, or other paranormal phenomena.

  5. Union with the Divine: Ultimately, the goal of raising the sacred secretion for many practitioners is to achieve a state of union with the divine or ultimate reality. This may be described using various religious or mystical terminology, such as oneness, union with God, or enlightenment.

It's essential to approach these concepts with critical thinking and discernment, as beliefs about raising the sacred secretion often lack empirical evidence and can vary widely depending on cultural, religious, and individual perspectives. Additionally, practices associated with this concept can range from meditation and breathwork to more esoteric or ritualistic techniques, and their efficacy and safety should be evaluated with care.

The concept of raising the sacred secretion, with the phases of the moon is often associated with certain esoteric and mystical traditions. This idea is rooted in the belief that the moon's cycles exert a subtle influence on human consciousness and spiritual energy, and that by syncing one's practices with these cycles, one can enhance their effectiveness and deepen their spiritual connection.

Here's a general overview of the philosophy behind aligning sacred practices with the moon cycle:

  1. Connection to Nature: Many spiritual traditions emphasize the importance of aligning with the rhythms of nature as a means of attuning oneself to universal energies and cycles. The moon, with its regular phases, is seen as a potent symbol of cyclical change and renewal.

  2. Symbolism of Lunar Phases: Each phase of the moon—new moon, waxing moon, full moon, and waning moon—is associated with specific symbolic meanings in various spiritual traditions. For example, the new moon is often seen as a time of new beginnings and intention setting, while the full moon is associated with illumination and peak energy.

  3. Energetic Shifts: It's believed that the different phases of the moon correspond to shifts in energetic frequencies, both in the natural world and within individuals. By attuning one's spiritual practices to these shifts, practitioners seek to harness and amplify the corresponding energies for their personal growth and transformation.

  4. Manifestation and Release: The lunar cycle is often viewed as a metaphor for the cyclical process of creation, manifestation, and release. Practitioners may align their intentions and actions with the waxing moon to manifest desires and goals, while using the waning moon phase to release what no longer serves them.

  5. Inner Work and Self-Reflection: Each phase of the moon is also associated with specific themes for inner work and self-reflection. For example, the dark phase of the moon (new moon) may be a time for introspection and planting seeds of intention, while the full moon is a time for illumination and culmination of efforts.

Overall, the philosophy behind aligning sacred practices with the moon cycle is rooted in the belief that by harmonizing with the natural rhythms of the cosmos, individuals can deepen their spiritual connection, accelerate personal growth, and cultivate a greater sense of alignment with their higher selves and the universe.

If you'd like to find out the best time of the month to meditate and raise your secretion You can follow the links below:

  1. Find out your moon sign which you can find HERE.

  2. The 2024 Moon Phase Chart can be found HERE which will give you the exact time of your sacred secretion meditation.

When preparing for your sacred secretion moon cycle, it's essential to approach the process with mindfulness and respect for your own spiritual journey. Here are some suggestions on what to do and what not to do:


  1. Set Intentions: Begin by setting clear intentions for your sacred secretion practice during each phase of the moon cycle. Whether it's self-reflection, manifestation, or spiritual growth, having a purpose will guide your actions.

  2. Align with the Moon: Pay attention to the phases of the moon and align your practices accordingly. Use the new moon for intention setting, the full moon for illumination, and the waning moon for release and letting go.

  3. Practice Self-Care: Prioritize self-care practices such as meditation, yoga, journaling, or spending time in nature to nurture your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being throughout the moon cycle.

  4. Stay Open-Minded: Approach your sacred secretion journey with an open mind and heart. Be receptive to the insights, experiences, and transformations that may unfold along the way.

  5. Reflect and Journal: Take time to reflect on your experiences and insights during each phase of the moon cycle. Journaling can be a powerful tool for processing emotions, tracking progress, and deepening self-awareness.


  1. Force the Process: Avoid forcing or rushing your sacred secretion practice. Allow yourself to flow with the natural rhythms of the moon cycle and trust in the timing of your spiritual journey.

  2. Neglect Self-Care: Avoid neglecting your physical, emotional, and mental well-being while focusing solely on spiritual practices. Balance is key to maintaining overall health and vitality.

  3. Compare Yourself to Others: Refrain from comparing your sacred secretion journey to others'. Remember that each individual's path is unique, and your experiences and insights are valid and valuable in their own right.

  4. Overlook Boundaries: Respect your personal boundaries and limits during your sacred secretion practice. Listen to your body and intuition, and honor what feels right for you in each moment.

  5. Expect Immediate Results: Understand that spiritual growth and transformation take time and patience. Avoid expecting immediate or dramatic results from your sacred secretion practice, and instead trust in the gradual unfolding of your journey.

By approaching your sacred secretion moon cycle with intention, mindfulness, and self-care, you can cultivate a deeper connection to yourself, the divine, and the natural world around you. Allow yourself to embrace the beauty and mystery of the journey, knowing that each phase of the moon brings its own gifts and opportunities for growth.

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