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Intake Privacy Policy

Why do we need this information?

The intake form is used to address an individual's specific needs. Everyone has specific health issues, activity levels, medications, stresses, emotional trauma that they may be dealing with and all these needs/issues have to be addressed individually. In order to tailor a program specifically to your health concerns this information plays a vital role in being able to provide the best outcome possible for your desired needs and wants. 

Your illnesses help us to address any vitamin and mineral deficiencies you may have and the best possible suggestions made tailored toward your needs.

Your medications help us avoid any unnecessary reactions to any herbs, vitamins, minerals, or supplements.

Your activity levels gives us a round about ideas about how much movement you are getting and how your energy force is flowing.

Our emotions and stresses affect our mind, body and spirit. Emotions left unresolved turn into dis-ease. I will help you move past these emotions and letting go so that this in turn helps your disease. Learning how to deal with everyday stress and triggers can be challenging but given the right tools you can start to identify these triggers and know how to react.

Our emotions/stresses, health conditions, medications, nutrition and activity level all play in our overall wellness this is why all this information is very important.

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